The Proto 99 series is a trilogy of video games. Each follow the story of Proto 99 and the Resistance in their fight against evil and protection for their robot race.


Proto 99Edit

The first in the series. In the very distant future, robots and humans live together in harmony. A new type of robots are created called "Protos". 99 types of them are made, but, once a evil sciencst known as Professor Plasmon takes all of the robots away, he turns them evil and takes control over them, making them his new army. However all is not lost, as a group of heroic robots known as the Resistance help the most powerful of the Protos escape; Proto 99 and Proto agrees to help the Reistance in their battle agianst Plasmon and help return the Protos to their original state.

Proto 99 2Edit

The second in the series. The tone is quite darker and the plot takes a much more serious direction.

Proto 99 3Edit

The final in the series.